10 online event technology tools that every marketer must know about

Ishani Appaya
• June 14, 2021
10 online event technology tools
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s the world of virtual events is continuously evolving, there are always new tools and better versions of existing ones. As a marketer, it might be difficult for you to keep up with virtual engagement tools and incorporate them into your event marketing strategy.
Knowing each tool in-depth and what sets it apart is essential to make informed decisions. But how do you get there? Fortunately, we are here to help you. We have curated a list of the top 10 virtual event networking tools to help you get the maximum ROI from your next event.

Table of Contents

Top 10 virtual event networking tools

Event website

A dedicated website is one of the most important virtual engagement tools to build engagement around the event. Whether it is about registrations, regular announcements, or post-event content, a website is the go-to place for everything. Your website needs to have content that offers information and builds engagement. Here’s how you can do that.

  • Time details: Mention the time of the event and the virtual event platform on which it is taking place.
  • Value proposition: This is your pitch to let your audience know why they need to care about your event. Make them aware of what the key takeaways of your event are. This will help increase your registration count.
  • Branded event #hashtag: Using a branded hashtag for your event can help you create a buzz on social media. Keep it simple, and encourage your registrants, sponsors and speakers to use it as well.
  • Event branding: It is your best chance to put your brand at the centre of attention. Virtual events are borderless, giving you the best opportunity to build brand engagement from around the world. Try to keep it subtle and avoid making the promotions too obvious for your audience.
  • Appealing visuals: Make sure the visuals on your website are engaging and align with the event theme. These should also reflect what people can expect from the event. Adding testimonies, preferably in video format, of attendees of the past events can be the icing on the cake.
  • CTA: Your website needs to have clearly defined CTAs inserted strategically throughout the page. Simplify it for your audience so that they do not have to look around much for the information.

Event registration platform

Now that you know the importance of having an engaging website, the next tool to explore is the registration platform. Needless to say, the entire registration process must be seamless and secure. 

Keep the website and registration platform flexible and easy to use for mobile users as well. At the registration stage, you can ask the registrants about how they got to know about your event. It can help you plan your marketing efforts better for future events.

airmeet event registration

Event Polls

Polls are one of the best virtual event engagement tools. There are several reasons why they work, and you need to make them a part of your marketing strategy.

Pre-event polls help you understand the audience requirements. You can tailor the event content to suit their needs. Analysing and organising content will help your audience connect with the event much better, leading to a better ROI. Furthermore, it will also ensure that attendance levels remain high.

Live polls during the event help you boost engagement levels. Based on the type and size of your event, you can have different formats. A multiple-choice questionnaire will suit an event with a large audience.

Make sure to let your audience know that the information they share will be helpful for you to improve the experience next time. It will ensure genuine participation from the audience.

Social media contests

Social media platforms can help you skyrocket the popularity of your event with minimal costs. You can run contests related to the event to promote engagement.

Ensure that you use a branded hashtag and also ask participants to do the same in their replies. Post-event, you can track and analyze the hashtag to measure your social media performance.

When you offer tangible gifts, most of your audience would love to participate. It will be especially beneficial if you are organizing a big virtual event. Besides contests, you can also ask them to share their at-event and post-event experiences. There are endless virtual event engagement ideas, so choose the ones that align with your event theme and goals.

Dedicated app

It is a well-known fact that mobile users often outnumber desktop users. Furthermore, a mobile app offers a much better interactive experience than a browser. Just like your dedicated event website, make sure the app has an intuitive design that persuades the user to stay back.

List the benefits clearly for your audience to understand what is in store for them. The benefits can include the possibilities for professional networking and knowledge building. You can add an element of gamification and live Q&As to improve the engagement levels of your audience

Live streaming platform

While the dedicated virtual event platform will offer live streaming, you can also get a few additional tools for the same. That will help you boost participation levels. There are several popular live stream tools like YouTube Live and Facebook Live that can assist you. These platforms will also offer stable connectivity so that there is no lag or any other issues.

Audience interaction

Promoting audience interaction capabilities is necessary if you want to improve the engagement. There can be several tools to help you with virtual audience engagement activities. Some of these include live conversations, chat options, and one-to-one meetings.

It is especially critical to consider audience interaction when you are hosting a large-scale virtual event. B2B events offer a lot of possibilities for attendees to network. Your audience would naturally feel elated if they get the opportunity to mingle with other participants.

In some cases, you can also ask your audience to raise questions through social media accounts with your hashtag. These virtual audience engagement activities will help you increase the engagement levels of your social media platforms, the event, and the hashtag.

Event planning

Planning a virtual event can be complicated, just like an in-person event. A dedicated event planning software can help you with all the activities of the event. You would need resources like digital screens, whiteboards, and much more.

If your virtual event team is at one spot, you will also have to arrange for their food. Around a few days before the event, you will also have to conduct a dry run. It would include a check of whether all the virtual event technology platforms work well. An event planning software can help you stay focused and track your activities.

event planning
Source: pxhere.com

Event theme video editing

The event website will witness a lot of traffic right from the time you announce the event. You can put up some space for running ads. Make sure these are relevant to the event theme and audience interests. You can also hyperlink content to your sponsor’s website or run scrolling texts.

Event marketing

You would need a solid promotion strategy to ensure you get the most registrations. Besides getting registrations, it is equally important that registered participants turn up for the event and remain connected for the longest time.

An event marketing software can help you create a strategy related to email campaigns, paid ads, and social media posts. It can also help you in sending reminders, tracking email-open rates, and running A/B tests.


While there are several virtual event engagement tools, these ten are some of the most important ones. You can use these to deliver an engaging and insightful experience to your audience. Besides these tools, ensure you have all the other necessary virtual event technology in place to conduct a successful virtual event


Virtual events require decent lights, cameras, and digital screens to give that professional touch. Ensure that these equipment function well.

The best virtual event software would depend on your needs. You can try Airmeet for an exciting range of features it offers.

You can use email marketing, social media platforms, and paid ads to market your virtual event.

A virtual event platform that allows you to plan and execute your online event. They help you deliver almost the same experience as offered by in-person events.

These tools help you plan and conduct virtual events. Some of these include virtual event management software, streaming services, mobile event apps, and much more.

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