Major Pharmaceutical Industry Events 2024

Aditi Singh
• November 27, 2023

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The pharmaceutical industry’s involvement is basically in research, development, production, and marketing of the substance. Throughout, the industry has been evolving tremendously through research and development. By the year 2030, the pharmaceutical industry’s global size is going to be USD 352.98 billion.

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We have witnessed, from time to time, the importance of the pharmaceutical industry, on which we are all dependent. From seasonal flu to life-threatening diseases, medicine has become essential. 

Pharmacy is a very important part of our healthcare, as the medicines not only manage our sufferings but also help in prevention and treatment.

The industry is going so strong that there are no direct competitors, yet within the industry there are a lot of competitors.

Hence, the future of the pharmaceutical industry is very strong and promising. 

Benefits of Attending Pharmaceutical Industry Events

A range of benefits can be provided by attending pharmaceutical events for both individuals and organizations. They bring together researchers, clinicians, executives, and experts to network and form stronger industry connections that may also lead to collaborations and partnerships. It also generates business opportunities, such as partnerships or licensing agreements with companies. These events usually consist of presentations, panel discussions, workshops, and seminars on the latest research and advancements in drug development for healthcare or share their insights into market trends, regulatory changes, and best practices in the pharmaceutical industry. It not only helps in forming a uniting community in the industry but also educates and makes the professionals of the industry aware of current changes required in the industry.

Major Pharmaceutical Events in 2024

Pharmaceutical events are hosted throughout the year, and they are very popular within the industry. It is also a necessity for professionals and experts to attend events to be relevant in this fast-paced industry. These events also help in career development, as you get exposure and build skills while also getting a diverse perspective on the subject and the industry. They are as motivational and inspiring as they are educational.

Those researchers and scientists who are involved in pharmaceutical research and development usually present their research and findings at the pharmaceutical event. Healthcare professionals like physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and other professionals from the industry also tend to attend these events to stay up-to-date with the latest treatments, therapies, and medical advancements, with sole purpose of bringing these new innovations into practice and helping patients. Also, regulatory affairs professionals, academicians and educators, and pharmaceutical marketers attend pharmaceutical events.

Although it is essential to align your reasons and objectives for attending these events to reap the most benefits from pharmaceutical events, we have compiled a list of events happening in the pharmaceutical industry in 2024. 

7th Annual Pharma Project & Portfolio Management 2024

Date: January 17–19, 2024

Location: Goa, India

Link: 7th Annual Pharma Project & Portfolio Management 2024

The theme of this year’s event is ‘Tells and Tales’, which will consist of sessions, experiences, and personal stories directly coming from the experts to get an insight into their challenges and successes and also helps in inspiring and motivating the listeners. They will address the current challenges faced by professionals, such as the skill gap, competitive knowledge deficiency, and the evolving landscape of project management.

3rd mRNA-Based Therapeutics Summit Europe

Date: January 23–25, 2024

Location: Berlin, Germany

Link: 3rd mRNA-Based Therapeutics Summit Europe

This summit is the largest and most important event for mRNA experts in Europe. The innovators and thought leaders in the field will showcase exclusive new data, and you will also get an opportunity to witness innovative discoveries, pre-clinical, and clinical understanding in mRNA therapeutics and vaccine development, as well as the rapid advancement of R&D and pipeline expansion. 

4th Risk-Based Quality Management

Date: JANUARY 25-26, 2024

Location: Pennsylvania, USA and Virtual

Link: 4th Risk-Based Quality Management

You are welcome to attend the summit and listen to industry experts on the implementation of RBQM individually and independently, making the clinical trials better, faster, cheaper, and safer for patients. Quality risk management techniques and tools have evolved tremendously over the last year. 


Date: February 6–8, 2024

Location: London, United Kingdom


Attend the conference to witness the next generation of genetic medicine through RNA therapies. This is a big opportunity to network with global experts in RNA drug discovery and development, as RNA therapeutics is a fast-paced, expanding industry with huge growth potential for various diseases.

6th International Conference On PharmScience Research and Development

Date: February 26–28, 2024

Location: Boston, MA

Link: 6th International Conference On PharmScience Research and Development

This international conference is focused on identifying current trends, opportunities, and threats to the strengthening and success of the pharma industry. The conference is perfect for connecting, networking, and finding the right partners for your business, or to look for new projects or indulge in conversation with other pharma professionals.


Date: March 11–12, 2024

Location: London, United Kingdom


Witness the role of artificial intelligence in the pharmaceutical industry and how it has taken the lead and enhanced the efficiency of drug discovery process. Get a fast-forward opportunity to drive the field forward from clinical trial design to drug target selection. This also allows you to conduct a cheaper and more successful research and development process to improve disease outcomes globally.

Pharma USA 2024

Date: March 26–27, 2024

Location: Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia

Link: Pharma USA 2024

Pharma USA 2024 will bring together senior pharma executives from commercial, marketing, and key stakeholders to overcome the challenges that threaten the future of successful innovation. It is time to reinvent the commercial model and adapt to payer’s needs, as the old model is outdated and threatens the future of life-saving treatment required for patients.

Pharmagora Plus 2024

Date: March 9–10, 2024

Location: Paris, France

Link: Pharmagora Plus 2024

The largest pharmacy event welcomes pharmacists, healthcare professionals, and pharmacy professionals to uncover new products and services. It is a great platform to exchange ideas and information with industry leaders and colleagues. 

11th Annual PanAgora Pharma Cx Summit

Date: March 20–21, 2024

Location: New Jersey, USA

Link: 11th Annual PanAgora Pharma Cx Summit

The Pharma CX Summit 2024 will focus on healthcare professionals experiences and patients experiences with the latest customer experience case study and gain insights directly from experts. The goal of the event is to provide a clear understanding and takeaways to tackle your customer experience problems.

Pharma 2024

Date: April 16–18, 2024

Location: CCIB, Barcelona

Link: Pharma 2024

Meet cross-functional changemakers at this world’s leading event. Pharma 2024 is aiming to draw a new blueprint to bridge and bring together internal workforces while also recomposing pharma value and assessing its role as an essential pillar of the healthcare system.

GCPS 2024: 2nd Global Conference on Pharmaceutical Sciences 

Date: April 26–27, 2024

Location: Chiba, Japan

Link: GCPS 2024: 2nd Global Conference on Pharmaceutical Sciences

The theme of this year’s conference is ‘Today’s Research is Tomorrow’s Medicine’ and the researchers, academicians, students, and pharma professionals will come together and have a healthy conversation for our future wellbeing.

2nd International Conference on Pharmaceutical and Pharma Industry

Date: April 11–12, 2024

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands and Virtual

Link: 2nd International Conference on Pharmaceutical and Pharma Industry

The main theme of this year’s conference will be to talk about new concerns and ideas to improve women’s health. The event also helps in building relationships with professionals all around the globe. The attendees can engage through workshops, keynote sessions, and exhibitions.

The Global Pharma and Drug Delivery Summit

Date: May 15-16, 2024

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Link: The Global Pharma and Drug Delivery Summit

The pharma summit theme is ‘Unlocking the Power of Technologies in Pharmaceutical Science’ and professionals around the globe come forward to discuss and access the benefits of the coming sustainable and innovative approach in pharmaceutical R&D. This conference is one of the most recommended pharmaceutical conferences in the world.

ISPDDS 2024: International Summit On Pharmaceutics And Drug Delivery System

Date: May 29-31, 2024

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Link: ISPDDS 2024: International Summit On Pharmaceutics And Drug Delivery System

Attend this conference and meet like-minded professionals and learn from experts in the field to gain new insights on the latest trends and innovations in pharmaceuticals and drug delivery systems. Expand your knowledge and connections with this much awaited event.

PSI Conference 2024

Date: June 16-19, 2024

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Link: PSI Conference 2024

At this annual conference, there is going to be a wide range of conversations on statistical topics. Also, young statisticians get the option to present in a dedicated session, which is a great opportunity to experience presenting in a comfortable environment and engage with colleagues with the same experience.

CPHI South East Asia

Date: July 10-12, 2024

Location: Queen Sirikit National Convention Center in Bangkok, Thailand

Link: CPHI South East Asia

This is a pharmaceutical trade show event to present products, technologies, innovations, seminars on pharmaceutical ingredients and raw materials, and much more. This also promotes the pharmaceutical industry in Southeast Asia.

Future Pharma 2024: 9th International Conference on Future Pharma and Innovations

Date: September 11-12, 2024

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Link: Future Pharma 2024: 9th International Conference on Future Pharma and Innovations

The international conference covers some important topics such as industrial pharmacy, drug discovery and development, novel drug delivery systems, and biotech financial outlook. The theme of the event is ‘Innovations in Pharma: Pioneering the Future of Healthcare’, and participants attend the event from all over the world.

11th Edition of Global Conference on Pharmaceutics and Novel Drug Delivery Systems

Date: September 19-21, 2024

Location: Rome, Italy and Virtual

Link: 11th Edition of Global Conference on Pharmaceutics and Novel Drug Delivery Systems

The conference will discuss disruptive technologies, innovations, cost reduction, and productivity improvement strategies in the pharmaceutics and drug delivery systems. Reap maximum benefits from the event by maximizing collaboration and innovation with industry experts and professionals. 

2024 ISPE Annual Meeting & Expo

Date: October 13-16, 2024

Location: Orlando, FL, USA and Virtual

Link: 2024 ISPE Annual Meeting & Expo

The event emphasizes the impact of new technology in the current time

and the cross section collaboration needed for the implementation and acceptance worldwide of the outstanding technologies. The conference aims to equip pharma professionals for obstacles and breakthroughs of an evolving industry.


Date: 26-27 March 2024

Location: Warsaw, Poland

Link: CEBioForum2024

It’s a networking conference held since 20 years that brings together biotech innovators, business and government leaders together. Conference includes presentations from Poland and Europe with opportunity for b2b meetings.

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