Where Events and Your
Revenue Strategy Meet

Today’s top companies are expertly integrating
events into their revenue strategies. Take a page (or
two) out of their playbooks and bid farewell to the
old way of doing events.

Lessons From:

Episode 5

The Event Possibilities to Grow your Customer Advocacy

*Speakers to be announced shortly


Leslie Barrett

Kevin Lau

Nick Bennett

Thursday, May 30th | 12 pm ET, 9 am PT

Whether you want to connect your customers to more growth opportunities and a bigger community or give them the stage to share their success stories, events have the power to retain and grow your customer base in endless ways. Stay tuned to hear all about it from Growth leaders.

Upcoming Episodes

Episode 6

The Product Marketing and Events Collaboration

*Speakers to be announced shortly


Corrina Owens          Gong

Janelle Amos Elevate Growth

Mark Kilens

Thursday, June 22nd | 12 pm ET, 9 am PT

Listen to Product Marketers and Event Marketers on how this unique collaboration helps them launch a new product or service, increase product usage through segmented education workshops, and enable their Sales team to close better through internal training events.

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