Craft memorable experiences to generate predictable pipeline

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Elevate your virtual events by creating
one-of-a-kind experiences tailored to your
prospects. Boost attendance, revenue, and
satisfaction with personalized events that
stand out. Join us to learn how to maximize
ROI and cater to your VIP prospects.


From Personalization
to Pipeline

When you create one-of-a-kind events tailored to your prospects, something amazing happens.
People can’t help but attend, and attend, and attend. And in turn, your pipeline, revenue and customer
satisfaction grow too.
Join us to learn how to dial up your personalization and maximize your ROI with tailormade experiences
built specially for your VIP buyers. We’ll be announcing our biggest product launch yet and you’ll get the
blueprint for powerful event personalization.


Venue: Stage

CEO, Airmeet

It’s Time to Personalize

Welcome Note

12:05 - 12:10 pm ET

B2B go-to-market must evolve. Engagement and intent data is changing the way marketers plan and execute campaigns. Learn why creating unforgettable event experiences for your buyers will grow your pipeline and revenue.

Talk Data To Me


12:10 - 12:55 pm ET

Intent data is all around us. And as we see third-party data dying more by the day, zero-party data is quickly becoming the perfect partner in personalization with your first-party metrics. Hear how top marketers use data collection technology to create experiences that inspire, build brand affinity, and boost long-term relationships.

Jason Widup

VP Marketing

Lindsay Cordell

GTM Partners

Mark Kilens


Ready. Set.

Product Keynote

12:55 - 1:35 pm ET

We all know that buyers and customers want more personalized experiences, and now that can be easier said AND done. We’re thrilled to introduce a new Airmeet product that’s purpose-built to help B2B marketers deliver personalized webinars and events that unlock revenue and growth. THIS IS GOING TO BE HUGE! Join Mark Kilens as he shares the playbook for how you can book more meetings, accelerate pipeline, and strengthen relationships with your customers.

Putting the Person
Back in Personalization


1:35 - 2:00 pm ET

Brand spam is VERY real. From cold emails to content on every channel, today’s buyers are bombarded with comms from all directions. So it’s up to event hosts to better focus on their target audience’s daily challenges, bring in the right speakers to engage at every stage of the buying journey, and create advocates — not just numbers on reports. In this session we talk all about how to accomplish this, so you can accomplish your goals.

Kaylee Edmondson

Revenue, R&D

Alexine Mudawar

Women in Sales

Rosalyn Santa Elena

Founder and CRO
RevOps Collective

Isaac Morehouse


The Transformative Trio -

Sales, Marketing
And Revops


2:00 - 2:35 pm ET

A proper intent data strategy is crucial for GTM alignment and success. Marketing, Sales and RevOps need to work closely together to get the right actionable data to the right stakeholder — quickly and efficiently. We’ve got the all right frameworks, so your campaign teams can align and personalize to build relationships, pipeline, and revenue.