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Chief Marketing Officer, Airmeet

Power Hour


DEC 13

Dec 13 / TUESDAY

9 AM PT   |   12 PM ET   |   9:30 PM IST

‘Tis the season to celebrate customers. Nothing brings us more joy than watching our customers transform the world one event at a time. And after 200,00 events and 200 million minutes of streaming on Airmeet, we have plenty of customer stories that we want to share with everyone.

On this episode of Power Hour, we’re taking some time to express our gratitude and highlight a few of our most inspiring customer stories!

Join us live for a fun packed session, where your stories take center stage.

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Exponential Event Engagement

Engagement is today’s currency, but traditional events aren’t cutting it.
Attendee engagement needs to start well ahead of your event and continue after it.

Save attendees from the boring experiences they hate and give them more options and reasons to engage. Make events unmissable, and create opportunities to increase connection with other attendees, organizers and speakers, and grow trust and lifetime value in the process.

This edition of Power Hour is a show and tell of Airmeet’s marquee features that make your events stand out from the crowd!


Press Play on your Next Successful Event

70% of people remember what they hear and see, so it’s no wonder that video is the most popular form of content available. TikTok, Reels, Shorts—you name it, video is everywhere!

Bite-sized videos are a great way to instantly connect with attendees throughout your events. No more one-way event experiences, now it’s all about personalized welcome experiences, drawing attention to specific sessions, and more. 

In this edition of Power Hour, we take a deep dive into the ‘how’ and ‘where’ to use videos to capture attendee’s attention during your events.


The Networking Roulette

Event networking is more important now than ever. Your attendees don’t want to just passively sit back and watch an event stream, they want to ask questions, interact, and connect.
But not all networking is created equal. You have to curate the experience for each individual event, and your attendees.

Join us to deep dive into multiple modes of networking, the framework to pick what’s right, and some customer stories to see how it works IRL.

Bonus: Speed Networking is on tap. Interact with industry peers, event experts, and Airmeet’s team in a quick engaging set of conversations. It’s your very own test drive of one of Airmeet’s most loved networking features. Come for the content, stay for the networking!

Kasutav Prakash

Director, Product Management

Raghav Takkar

Senior Product Manager

Vikram Goyal

Product Manager


Roadmap to the future

Hybrid. Immersive event experiences. Dynamic integrations. Metaverse events. AI-based networking. These are just some of the latest buzzwords surrounding virtual events.
To stay on top of event trends and deliver what matters to attendees, you have to navigate a constantly shifting landscape.

Hear from our product experts on how to shape your event strategy for the rest of 2022. Get a sneak-peek into what’s brewing at Airmeet, and learn how to incorporate the marquee features and enhancements into your upcoming events.

Sumithra Gopalakrishnan

Lead Product Marketer

Saurabh Arora

Senior Product Manager

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