Here are some 20 different types of hybrid event examples that you can use for inspiration.

20 Hybrid Events Examples That Will Inspire You in 2022

• November 3, 2021

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Are you planning a hybrid event? Don’t know what you need? Here are 20 different hybrid event examples that can help you plan and host your next event.

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Hybrid events integrate virtual and in-person elements, allowing the entire audience to engage digitally using tools such as virtual event software. Events like these are centered around social interaction fueled by the creative use of technology. It also offers a consistent experience to all virtual audiences, making it the perfect event for your business

Besides, hybrid events are effective since all online attendees have access to the same event contents and equivalent possibilities to interact with speakers and other attendees. For this reason, a lot of brands, as well as event management platforms, use hybrid events to attract a wider audience. It also brings a unique digital experience for your potential clients! 

And to show how effective Hybrid events can be, we’ve evaluated 20 Hybrid event concepts used by major brands this 2021! 

1. Apple Product Launch Event

Apple is always a foot ahead of the trend in terms of technology, and their events are no exception. So. When a trillion-dollar company like Apple organizes a hybrid event to launch a new product, it becomes the most anticipated event for fans, competitor brands, and gadget enthusiasts.

More so, Apple conferences generate a large amount of attention around new product announcements. Their high production value differentiates them as a true champion of using hybrid events to enhance their image.

It was one extraordinary event where CEO Tim Cook showcased the latest products and innovations, while the virtual participants and in-person audience loved the proceedings.

2. ABM Innovation Summit

ABM Innovation Summit had to cancel its physical gatherings due to the coronavirus outbreak. Then the company recorded and published its keynote address, where Demandbase executives spoke about the industry’s future and thus reached their audience.

3. TwitchCon

TwitchCon, the leading live gaming platform, pulled off the hybrid event format phenomenally well. Now it’s a regular practice wherein TwitchCon hosts a large-scale hybrid event that attracts live streamers and gaming fans worldwide.

Now, TwitchCon aims to bring audiences closer who would otherwise only interact with one another through a television or computer screen. The company, however, made it possible by live streaming to their remote audience. TwitchCon’s hybrid event was able to increase their audience’s virtual experience and engagement opportunities. 

4. Agents of Change Digital Marketing Conference

Anyone responsible for creating a new brand can attend the Agents of Change Digital Marketing Conference. It is mainly a virtual conference targeting business owners, marketers, and entrepreneurs, guiding them to reach their customers through search, social, and mobile marketing.

Their podcasts, live-streaming, and on-demand videos reached millions of people. And it is broadcasted live across the world.

5. Johnson & Johnson

Hybrid event solutions have been used by a prominent infant care product company, Johnson & Johnson. To promote their newest service, they organized an inventive and effective hybrid event. With customized branding and easy UI, both virtual and in-person attendees experienced an immersive event experience.

6. MozCon

One thing Moz excels at is leveraging its exclusive content to attract future conference attendees to purchase tickets. The website has a lot of footage from previous sessions that anybody may watch for free. This technique aids Moz in demonstrating the top quality of its content marketing.

Moz, the digital marketing giant, also reaches its target audience with high-class content on SEO, data, marketing strategies, etc. Keep in mind that, MozCon doesn’t believe in live streaming its sessions, but the recorded versions are available to watch later at a discounted rate.

7. UEG Week

In 2016, UEG Week, one of the world’s most prestigious gastroenterology meetings, was held. This successful event has invited 13,000 audiences that included virtual and physical attendees. They took extra care to bring the online audience to par by using innovative interactive features like an e-poster lounge. 

8. Social Media Marketing World

Social Media Marketing World is a top-notch event creator that organized a hybrid conference in 2020, with still available recordings. The virtual users got access to a private networking group to communicate and network with their colleagues.

The conference for 2020 has already happened. However, you can now view all of the meetings online in their mobile event app. Virtual ticket holders also have access to a private networking group to meet and connect with their colleagues.

9. Gainsight Pulse Everywhere

Gainsight’s Pulse Conference has annually motivated and enlightened thousands of participants since 2013. So in 2020, Gainsight hosted a free event for its attendees to build goodwill with the target audience. They converted a large-scale in-person event into a hybrid and undoubtedly faced certain challenges.

More so, Gainsight’s Pulse Everywhere Hybrid Event is an interesting case study that showcases converting a physical event into a hybrid one.

10. The Self Publishing Show Live

The Self Publishing Show Live was created for authors who self-publish their work and develop a following without traditional publishing houses. The event hosted 1,000 people, and the recorded sessions were made available for a small fee of $25. They even offered a money-back guarantee in case attendees didn’t like the content.

11. John Mayer’s Dive Bar Tour

It is a great example that shows the power of hybrid event platforms like social media. Back in 2017, talented singer, writer, and guitarist John Mayer commenced his Dive Bar Tour. The show was live-streamed on Facebook, and it took the musician to the top of Facebook live video chats.

12. LiveWorx

LiveWorx is the “definitive event for digital transformation” from the physical event of 7,000 people as organized by PTC annually. However, they have shifted their marketing efforts into streaming in-person gatherings for four days worth of keynote and sessions online. 

By doing this, they could cater to a larger audience and create a unique type of event for everyone. 

13. Call to Action Conference

Unbounce congregates at this annual “no fluff” conference that offers actionable takeaways for attendees that can implement immediately. They strategically made entry tickets available early and made the live show recorded sessions available later.

14. Riot Games Esports Operations

Live concerts the size of Worlds need much more network resources than regular events. Furthermore, compared to a live show or a regular athletic competition, staging an event based on an online video game adds a degree of difficulty owing to the game’s intrinsic requirements.

Yet, riot games eSport series League of Legends World Championship has found its way to the audience, overcoming the extremely complicated set of challenges like networking, broadcasting, and hardware. 


INBOUND annual event by HubSpot, calls celebrity speakers like Rand Fishkin and Alex Rodrigeuz. The audience looks forward to this gaga sports event, loud entertainment, and world-class stand-up comedians. They shifted to a hybrid in 2020 and recorded sessions to be used in the future.

16. Forward Digital Summit

Forward Digital Summit is a full day of thought-provoking keynotes, breakout sessions, and presentations, as well as networking opportunities. The event will feature several industry experts, cutting-edge technologists, and prominent pioneers who will discuss everything from Rubrik’s vision to the business and leading concepts.

So if you think great speakers won’t be as impressive virtually, you are wrong. They are equally effective, and Forward Digital Summit has showcased this in their 2020 event that called upon John Thompson, chairman of Microsoft, and Hasan Minhaj, an award-winning comedian, to host the talk show.

17. Webinar World

ON24 hosts Webinar World, a marketing activity conference. Its goal is to use online experience to increase income and engagement. This event is well-known for using a hybrid model featuring an in-person audience, virtual audience, and wealth sharable content.

The hybrid model used by Webinar World greatly expands the reach of its audience. This event often draws tempting sponsorships due to its large audience. Sponsors have the opportunity to conduct their sessions during the event and have their logos included in promotional mailings and downloaded resources from Webinar World.

18. Growth Marketing Conference

Growth Marketing Conference planned special content for virtual attendees to enhance their event experience and loyalty. Event organizers offered a “Virtual Access Pass,” which additionally gives bonus content in the form of 200+ actionable webinars. They also added exclusive bonus content to make their virtual access pass more enticing.

You can provide virtual guests additional value and even up the learning experiences for in-person and virtual attendees by providing exclusive material. Going hybrid also provides a cushion for all parties involved in the event of unexpected cancellations.

19. Yellow Conference

The Yellow Conference organized a hybrid conference in 2020, where they created two separate gatherings for a virtual and in-person group. This technique allowed the Yellow Conference to further precisely adapt each event to the specific demands of its audience.

Likewise, the huge event began in 2014 that has brought together women committed to performing meaningful work, expanding their companies, and seeking personal growth. Every year, this conference includes a variety of exciting breakout sessions, panels, and interactive activities.  

20. DigiMarCon West

The 2020 conference of DigiMarCon West was a turn-page example of a very engaging and successful hybrid event. Expert speakers offered useful insights into the digital marketing practices that captured the attention of all attendees.

There are endless possibilities and opportunities with hybrid events to increase attendee participation during the event.

DigiMarCon continues to flourish in an ever-changing event environment because it provides an immersive experience to both in-person and virtual participants. A hybrid event may be ideal for your next conference if you want to reflect the same resilience and influence.

Final words:

Hybrid events may help businesses enhance their reach, increase event profitability, and gather valuable information. So select a platform that offers interactive and engaging features to amplify your attendance, boost engagement and increase attendee participation during the event. 

The 20 hybrid event ideas listed above will ensure the success of your events and if you’re looking for a webinar platform to use, make sure to check Airmeet out! 

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