Webinar Platforms with Breakout Rooms

Best Webinar Platforms with Breakout Rooms

Aditi Biswas
• August 25, 2021

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Virtual events and webinars call for more entertaining and engaging activities than a standard conference. Because in real life, your participants will be sitting in front of their computers. And most likely, they will be alone in their room or home office.

Virtual events and webinars call for more entertaining and engaging activities than a standard conference. Because in real life, your participants will be sitting in front of their computers. And most likely, they will be alone in their room or home office.

But with webinar platforms, you can turn a dead webcam into a fascinating digital realm. Plus, each webinar platform operates in a different context and offers various functionalities. Hence, it’s critical to figure out which webinar platform features are appropriate for your virtual event.

What makes the best webinar platform?

Webinars are a great way to educate, market, and offer value to your user. There are various webinar systems available, each with its pricing, capabilities, and features. As a result, highlighting some of the most distinctive elements is essential. 

The best webinar feature should keep your audience connected and interested. Some excellent features are polls, live streams, and even a breakout rooms.

What is a breakout room?

A digital breakout room shares the same function as a physical breakout room. It allows a small group of attendees to meet in private to deliberate, answer questions, work in teams, and discuss group priorities. 

Webinar platforms also allow you to divide events into smaller, separate sections. 

Meanwhile, breakout rooms are necessary for event organizers to interact and offer mini-sessions. It is ideal when the speaker needs to network with his attendees. You can manually or automatically do this, depending on the platform you use.

Video conferencing with breakout rooms offer more features, like mailbox and screen sharing. Yet, these capabilities vary depending on the webinar platform you’re using. It is why you need to know beforehand the content and features of each. 


Airmeet Breakout Rooms

Airmeet is one of the best virtual platforms in the market. It provides a variety of dynamic online engagement capabilities and lets you target the right audience. So, you can bring in committed speakers from all around the world. You can also host numerous sessions and do a lot of other things. Hosting a webinar on Airmeet includes using interactive elements for audience engagement. It offers surveys, quizzes, reactions, screen-sharing, gamification, and live social media broadcasting. Of course, Airmeet also provides a breakout room for a better insight on the webinar topic.

Airmeet Breakout Room

Airmeet calls its breakout room for webinars “Social Lounge.” It’s a virtual place where attendees may sit and wander around “tables.” Individuals may also communicate at other tables in a mini-virtual conference. To know more about this, the Social Lounge has two types: 

  • Conference format: Ideal for attendees to network with one another throughout the event. 
  • Meetup format: Ideal to use when the meeting is not in progress or during the networking break.

Airmeet Breakout Room unique features

Ice breakers help break down communication barriers during a virtual event or webinar. These kick-start the event and warm up relationships and communication within the room. An excellent tool for accomplishing this is a breakout room. Using a breakout room, attendees can prepare for the game objectives and setup. 

It is also a casual place where they can express excitement for working with the group. Ultimately, they will feel comfortable enough to communicate well with each other. As such, you want to be the one who can swish the wand, cast the spell, and make this corporate magic happen. And, you’ll do so by mastering the use of these features

Table layouts

A table layout includes features such as screen share, chat, and table options. And these table options are the gallery view, sidebar view, and active speaker.

Gallery View 

Gallery view is available for up to 50 persons at the table and can show every participant’s video. When the number of participants exceeds 8, the gallery view deactivates. 

Active Speaker View

Active Speaker View

A total of five videos are shown at a time in the dynamic speaker view. These include four more videos, including the animated speaker video. 

Spotlight View 

The active speaker has a more extensive view in this mode, and the local feed shows in the right window. 

Other unique features Airmeet Social Lounge offers are: 

  • Customization: You can customize the room name, welcome message, and description
  • Set timer: You can set the Social Lounge Timer to make conversation swift and efficient.
  • Add Brand Name and Logo: You can customize each virtual table in the Social Lounge by adding a brand name and logo.
  • Easy Access: Members can view other users’ profiles through the sidebar. It enables them to communicate with others in a direct and hassle-free manner. 
  • Session Tab: This is where you may display your event’s agenda as well as its branding. 
  • Switch Between Sessions: You can switch between sessions and choose the preferred table in Airmeet. 

How do you set up Social Lounge in Airmeet?

You can set up and use tables in the Social Lounge through these steps.

1. Determine how many tables you’ll need in your Social Lounge

Determine the number of tables you’ll need for your event. (You can have up to 500 tables for your event)

2. Create a set of virtual tables

You can change the tables in preview mode (before the event starts) or during the event.

3. Set up the Social Lounge

Once you’ve entered the event, click the customize option to change what you need. You can also set the one on one Speed Networking and impose a time restriction. 

How to edit details in your Social Lounge

1. Check the table corner and click the edit option.

2. You can do the following options in the edit box:

  • You can give your table a title.
  • You can insert an image into your table. (144px*56px is the recommended size.) You can use SVG and PNG formats, and the image size limit is 500 kB.
  • Choose the number of seats at a single table. (A minimum of 2 and a maximum of 8)
  • Depending on your needs, you can have a Fixed or Expanding table.

3. After customizing your table, you can now click save to update the settings. You can also set up a Social Lounge via Speed networking or Virtual tables. 

Virtual Tables

Virtual tables are like ballroom tables, allowing participants to join smaller groups. It enables them to have private conversations over video. More importantly, participants can seamlessly switch from one table to another. 

Google Meet 

Google Meet is mostly used to attend digital meetings.

Google Meet allows many members to attend a digital meeting simultaneously. It lets you communicate via voice or video from any location with an internet connection. You can easily use the platform by clicking or tapping a link. This aspect makes it one of the best platforms for conducting virtual events. 

Google Meet offers advanced features to businesses, schools, and other groups. These include live captioning, share screen, polls, surveys, and breakout rooms. Because of these, virtual events can be more exciting and appealing to various audiences. 

Google Meet Breakout Room

Organizers can use breakout rooms to separate participants into smaller groups. By doing so, they can conduct private briefings before or after the event. However, they can broadcast breakout rooms or record these on the platform. 

Anybody with a free Gmail account may use Google Meet’s Breakout Room plugin. They can use it to schedule events and manage breakout rooms for other people. By having a breakout room, event organizers can have time to reflect on their virtual events. Plus, breakout rooms can help you organize ice breakers and boost engagements. 

Google Meet Breakout Room unique features

You may create and divide breakouts based on Nicknames in Google Meet. New Status Reports are also available to track attendees’ involvement in breakout sessions. And you may also use the countdown timer to track how much time participants have in a session. 

Besides these, Google Meet Breakout Room has the following features to offer:

  • Gallery View: You can use the Tile or Tab format to see or automatically move all breakout rooms at once.
  • Easy Use: You can assign breakouts on an ad hoc or pre-assigned basis. And distribute audio and video to all breakout rooms.
  • Customize: You can change Nicknames, Codes, or Automatic Meet Links

How do you set up Breakout Rooms in Google Meet?

Setting up breakout rooms in Google Meet varies for moderators and participants. 

For The Host/Organizer

  1. Start a video call on your PC.
  2. Click Activities, then join breakout rooms in the bottom right corner.
  3. Select the number of rooms in the Breakout rooms section. You can establish up to 100 breakout rooms. 
  4. The callers are then dispersed across the rooms. You also may manually shift people into various spaces.
  5. After doing so, you can now open the rooms.

For The Participants

  1. Sign in to your Google Account on a computer or mobile device.
  2. From your PC or the Meet mobile app, join a video call. After that, all of the participants are dispersed among the rooms.
  3. You’ll notice a notification on your screen when your organizer asks you to join a breakout room. Join by clicking the Join button.
  4. You can speak or send chat messages to other participants once you’ve entered a breakout room.

In comparison to other webinar services such as Airmeet, Google Meet’s free version has a time limit.  It also has a restricted number of rooms. 


You can connect with people on Zoom.

Zoom, another virtual platform, can assist in connecting with people. It uses the video format as the foundation in its features. Thus, several features, like Zoom Meetings, Breakout Rooms, and Zoom Rooms, became popular.

Using the Zoom app on your smartphone or laptop, you can set up Rooms, Breakout Rooms, and Meetings. These work excellent for virtual events and webinars. 

Zoom Breakout Room

Zoom Breakout Room can split conferences up to 50 different sessions. The conference host has the option to split the participants into these sessions. You can also let your presenters pick and enter breakout sessions. At any moment, the host or co-host can switch between sessions. If you are planning a virtual event with a Zoom Breakout room, make sure to take note of the following:

  • Remember to enable the Zoom Breakout room setting.
  • Participants here can view audio, video, and screen-sharing capabilities from the main session.
  • Keep in mind that breakout and assigning participants to rooms have limits.
  • You can split your zoom meeting into 50 different sessions. 

Zoom Breakout Rooms unique features

The Zoom Breakout room has the standard features of the breakout rooms. It includes screen sharing, mailbox, and more. Below are some features to assist you in managing the flow of the sessions in your Breakout Rooms: 

  • Self-select a Breakout Room — A host can create Breakout Rooms within a meeting. Then, they can allow attendees to choose which room they want to join.
  • Visiting rooms — As a host or co-host, you have the option of switching sessions at any time
  • Send to all — Send a message to all Breakout Rooms. 
  • Help requests – Breakout attendees can invite the host to join by clicking the “Ask for Help” icon.
  • Closing all rooms — When you’re ready, click “Close Rooms” to end your breakout sessions.

How do you create Breakout Rooms in Zoom?

You can make the breakout room function available to everyone in your organization. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Log in to the Zoom web portal. 
  • Click Account Management, then Account Settings in the navigation menu.
  • On the Meeting tab, look for the Breakout Room option and make sure it’s turned on.
  • Click the switch to activate the room’s setting if it is disabled. When a confirmation box appears, choose Turn On to confirm the modification.

Users often have problems with Zoom breakout rooms. Unlike in Airmeet,  the users experience having a hard time manually assigning rooms and even entering a session.  

Microsoft Teams

Use Microsoft teams for your company meetings

Microsoft Teams is a consistent chat-based communication tool. It offers document sharing, web conferencing, amongst other business-friendly features. Making innovative decisions and interacting with one another requires a great team setting. So, this is what Microsoft Teams delivers. 

Microsoft Teams also offer unique virtual event and webinar features. It has teams and channels, chat functions, and most importantly, it has team breakout rooms.

Microsoft Teams Breakout Room

It can be challenging to open conversations and meaningful exchanges of ideas in large groups. But, Microsoft Teams breakout rooms divide attendees into small groups. This setting encourages active discussion and collaboration. 

Microsoft Breakout rooms allow you to divide your team meeting into sub-meetings. Participants can join and hold conversations amongst them. Like Zoom Meetings, you can set up to 50 breakout rooms for a single conference.

Microsoft Teams Breakout Room Unique Features

Microsoft Teams has several unique features on how to do breakout rooms for hosting virtual gatherings. These are the following:

  • The meeting organizer can allow attendees to go to their breakout room anytime. They can also return to the central meeting when they want.
  • Participants can ask clarifying questions without interfering with the breakout room conversations.
  • The setting can recreate breakout rooms inside the same conference. 
  • Organizers can assign participants to breakout rooms with different configurations.
  • The meeting organizer can create, rename, and delete rooms as needed.
  • Meeting organizers can attend any of the breakout sessions if available.
  • Organizers can move attendees between breakout rooms.

How do you set up Breakout Rooms in Microsoft Teams?

Breakout sessions while using Airmeet offer improved functionality. It is also quicker to set up at the time of writing. It does not, however, rule out the prospect of integrating with Microsoft Teams. Follow these procedures on how to create a breakout room in teams.

1. Within Teams, click on your profile image.

2. Choose ‘Settings’ from the drop-down menu.

3. Check the ‘Turn on new meeting experience’ option under the ‘Application’ section of the ‘General’ page.

4. You might need to restart Team or restart your computer.

5. Double-check by starting a meeting and checking that it opens in its window.

After that, you may move on to setting up a meeting utilizing the breakout room. 

1. Create a private team and then add channels to it. 

2. Use private channels as meeting rooms. 


 This is Webex which also has breakout rooms

WebEx is a virtual platform that allows up to 1000 people to meet online. This platform is excellent for conferences, online meetings, and video streaming. It is also used for personal meetups and business conferences. Plus, it offers free video conversations and screen sharing, and webinars. Now the question is, does WebEx offer breakout rooms?

Webex Breakout Room

Breakout sessions function similarly to small WebEx meetings within a WebEx conference. This is an excellent tool when participants need to engage in small group activities. Also, WebEx offers digital breakout rooms with limited room participants. You can switch sessions here anytime. 

Webex Breakout Room unique features

Webex offers the standard features breakout rooms have. However, they have added some extra elements to the platform to ensure smooth sailing events. 

  • The hosts and co-hosts can set up, rearrange, and participate in breakout rooms at any time.
  • Participants can join sessions automatically or manually (at their discretion).
  • Hosts and co-hosts can split the participants and assign the participants to the room.
  • Messages are sent to all breakout sessions at the same time.
  • If they need assistance, participants can ask the host to join their breakout session. 
  • Hosts can set the breakout sessions to end automatically after a certain amount of time.
  • There is no record option for breakout sessions.

How do you set up Breakout Rooms in Webex?

To set up the breakout room in Webex, you can follow these steps:

  1. When arranging a WebEx meeting, enable the Breakout Session option first.
  2. Choose Enable breakout sessions from the drop-down menu.
  3. The meeting host or a co-host can also enable breakout sessions during meetings. Select Enable breakout sessions from the top menu’s Breakout option.
  4. Once activated, the Breakout sessions icon shows at the bottom toolbar for hosts and co-hosts.

Other webinar platforms that offer Breakout Rooms


Brella, like any other platform, offers breakout rooms. These breakout rooms can accommodate up to 100 people to meet, chat, and interact in a virtual space. Also, you’ll be able to construct closed virtual rooms for your events. These are ideal for briefing and connecting with your guests. 


Users of Hopin indulge in the “choose-your-own-adventure” kind of experience. Its choices are virtually endless since you can customize almost everything. You may be as imaginative as you want when it comes to decorating your space. Thanks to the infinite breakout rooms, you can also offer activities, like games, exhibitions, and more.


Unlike any other webinar platforms which offer breakout rooms, vFAIRS offer virtual exhibits. It is a virtual room where you can network, chat, and customize the exhibit booth. This element elevates the whole event by adding an avatar and 3D graphics. 


Breakout Rooms are currently unavailable in GoToMeeting. But, GoToMeeting has a similar feature, which is the Personal meeting room. They also have whiteboards and drawing tools that are useful in virtual events. GoToMeeting breakout rooms are still under construction and may come out this year. 

Final thoughts 

Various webinar hosting systems have their own set of capabilities. But, among webinar platforms, Airmeet came out on top for its efficient and easy-to-access breakout rooms. Besides, its unique virtual event capabilities and automated or hybrid webinars features make. 

Still, the best breakout room for you depends on your specific requirements. So, remember to review the information above to figure out which webinar platform is best for you and how to facilitate a breakout room, or talk to our expert here.

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7 months ago

It would be great if there is an option for breakout rooms to see the live session(wedding ceremony) or a video wall for instructions/reminders to the group – maybe as another video stream/participant. Use case would be a wedding event or a webinar or anything that would require a consistent window into the breakout rooms! 🔥🔥🔥

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