The world is changing every day, and the world of events is changing right along with it. That’s why we created Airmeet Eventions. A series of quick, info-rich sessions you can attend one day, and start implementing what you learn, the next. Equal parts tactical, actionable, and engaging, you’ll learn from the best of the best — leaders in Demand Generation, Marketing, and more.

This isn’t thought leadership that drones on and on in the form of long-winded keynote speeches. It’s down-and-dirty info and frameworks you can use, now.

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Eventions | Episode 8

Return on Events: A Framework For Crushing Your Next Strategy Meeting

Mini-meet Inside

Dec 8

01 pm ET
10 am PT

Great events combine 3 things: understanding your audience, curating information your audience cares about, and packaging it all into a stellar experience.

You could be executing on all of this perfectly, but without the right measurement, you can’t see the true power of events. We’ve developed a measurement framework that uncovers all of the key information and gives you answers to some of your most burning questions:

  • How do I measure the business impact of my events?
  • How do I justify a higher budget for my events?
  • Is there a correlation between the events I run and other sources (marketing channels) of revenue?
  • How to quantify the quality of the event?

Dec 8

10 am PT
01 pm ET

Emilia Korczynska
Head of Marketing

Mark Kilens


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Eventions | Episode 1

The Show Must Go On: Don’t Retreat, Recalibrate

Budget cuts. Layoffs. Disappointing forecasts. When danger looms, it’s not time to shrink and retreat; it’s an opportunity for something amazing. Innovators and Soothsayers use turbulent times to make agile changes, revamp their strategies, and build long-term programs that lead to profitability. Darryl Praill, CMO at AgoraPulse, is one of these people who flips stormy times on its head. And he’s here to show you how.

Darryl Praill, CMO

Mark Kilens, CMO

Eventions | Episode 2

The Sales and Events Marketing Waltz

We’ve experienced it a thousand times before. “These leads can’t have a generic follow-up,” the Events team says as they take one step forward. “These leads hardly convert and are not worth our time,” the sales team replies as they take two steps back.

A few misguided and unproven digs later, they go round and round — completely out of rhythm. If only Sales, RevOps, and Events aligned on processes, attribution models, and strategy. Grab your dancing shoes, we’ve got all the right steps to get your teams back in sync.

Sarah Jennings
SVP, Sales

Jack Foster
VP of Marketing

Eventions | Episode 3

Your Year-long Event Spectrum

In the old days, events ended and people went home. Maybe a few attendees turn into opportunities, and if you’re lucky some convert into revenue, eventually.

Today, smaller, more targeted events are created for every persona at every stage in the customer lifecycle. And now, every event is part of an integrated strategy becoming the new predictable growth machine. Join us to learn what goes into building the new event spectrum.

Katie Brunette
Sr. Director, Global Events & Campaigns

Sarah Breathnach
Head of Demand Generation & Field Marketing

Eventions | Episode 4

Is an Event Series the New Podcast?

‘Let’s make a podcast,’ a phrase uttered by every marketing team. Sure, some follow-through. But there’s a better way to share your unique points of view and build strong brand affinity — events. They combine the best of both worlds — real-time connection and on-demand consumption — to make a greater impact on your downstream conversions. Tune in to learn everything you need to create your next successful event series.

Natalie Luneva
Co-Founder, CMO

Karen Hartline
Director, Corporate Events

Eventions | Episode 5

Cue the Content Confetti and the Event After-party

On the effort-to-ROI matrix, the best ranking marketing efforts bring value to your brand for years to come. If you think events are low on this matrix, think again. Tune in for a crash course on the content confetti approach, and learn how to extend the lifetime value of your events by remixing and repurposing all of your unique content.

Camille Trent
Head of Content

Tara Pawlak
Head of Marketing

Hannah Shain
VP Marketing

Eventions | Episode 6

From Content-first to Connection-first Events

In a world where marketing and brand experiences are becoming increasingly transactional, Community can be your biggest moat. But most people have no idea what the community can do for their business, or what they can do for the community. Events with attendees at the center are the key to cracking the community puzzle for your business. Pick up everything you need to run community meetups and connection-first events.

Liz Lathan CMP

Christina Garnett
Principal Marketing Manager Offline Community & Advocacy


Banu Kannu
Co-Founder & Chief Experience Officer

Eventions | Episode 7

A look back on Field Events in 2022

September and October were huge months for events across the globe. The biggest conferences were back after a long hiatus, but things look a lot different. Attendance is dropping. Formats are evolving. And recession fears and budget cuts are looming large over every marketing decision.

We’ve brought together leaders from the field to dissect all the changes and learnings from their 2022 events, and give you strategies to hit the event ground running in 2023.

Join us if you want to find answers to burning questions: What would our expert panel do differently in 2023? Are in-person conferences worth it? How can you maximize your return on investment?

Mark Kilens

Rachel Russell
Assistant Director, Field Marketing

  1. Just because the event is over, doesn’t mean the conversations have to end. Head to the fluid space after to sit down one-on-one or as a group with Airmeet’s Event Success Coaches to learn more about what Event-led growth could mean for you and your event strategy or to simply network with your peers and build real connections with fellow marketers.