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Powered by Airmeet, ‘Noveracion Global’ brought together C-level executives from 20+ countries

Ishani Appaya
• June 3, 2021
Use Case:
Industry-expert Panel Discussion
Event Name:
Global HR Roundtable: Re-Engaging and Connecting in a Post COVID World


Noveracion Global, a Pune based technology company is an Innovation Management Partner for enterprises. The company strives to improve bottom-line results and create a strategic competitive edge. They have been using their out-of-the-box “Jugaad” (Frugal) approach towards problem-solving to deliver end-to-end solutions for the innovation lifecycle. They are uniquely positioned because of their proprietary frameworks on Innovation Management combined with their deep dive expertise to improve ROI on technology, innovation and product development spends.

In the current COVID-era, HR executives and organisations are finding themselves navigating unchartered, turbulent waters. To that end, Noveracion Global’s “Global HR Roundtable: Re-Engaging and Connecting in a Post COVID World” event brought together the global industry leaders to discuss critical workplace challenges and brainstorm on potential solutions. 

The Global HR Roundtable 2021 brought together 5 expert speakers and thought leaders for a 3-hour long event, held on 6th April 2021, with 672 registrants from 20+ countries. The event was attended by a diverse audience ranging from consultants, academicians and HR aspirants to C-level executives and HR heads. 

Shahbaz Khan, Co-Founder & Chief of Innovation at Noveracion Global, shares his experience hosting their maiden virtual event powered by Airmeet’s social webinar platform.

Noveracion airmeet

Challenges (and solutions)

Challenge 1: Pivoting to Virtual with quality and scale

Noveracion Global needed to transition to a virtual platform for hosting their panel discussion. They were pressed for time and needed to quickly find the right technology platform to support the event format. Delivering quality and value was the underlying motto behind their every decision.


Shahbaz got a chance to attend an Airmeet Fintech event while trying to make a decision for the event technology partner. He was convinced right away that Airmeet could be the right fit for their requirements.

He explained how Airmeet became their preferred choice, “We had been looking to host this event for a while. Earlier, we were planning to host this event on Zoom. But we soon realised that our panel discussion would not be a typical one-way webinar or a one-way deliverable. Using an event platform like Airmeet, particularly its social webinar features showcases a different level of professionalism as Zoom has become a prevalent platform for Virtual Conferences.

To this end, have come a long way during this pandemic, and people are bored of a simple webinar setup. We wanted to make it more interactive. We wanted to find out how we could deliver substantial value to our attendees who were investing their time.

I attended a Fintech Forum event hosted on Airmeet, a little while back. I was impressed by the look and feel of the platform. That encouraged us to explore the platform more and potentially leverage it for our event.

As we explored, some of the features that stood out for us, compared to others like Zoom, were that it was not a simple video-conferencing solution. The entire experience of having speakers onstage, social lounge, and the backstage area caught my attention.”

Shahbaz added, “Having experienced an Airmeet event first-hand as an attendee, I had developed confidence in Airmeet and its technical capabilities. “

Here are some of the features that made the experience for their attendees and speakers delightful-

  1. Outstanding Quality: For an event of this scale, with high-level participants, Airmeet’s lag-free, HD quality, super-fast UI/ UX, live video streaming of events and interactive design made all the difference in delivering a brilliant viewing experience paired with seamless technology that elevated the entire event.
  2. Social Media Live-streaming: Airmeet with its capability of real-time social media streaming on platforms like YouTube and Facebook helped increase reach and participation for the event, bringing in interest from multiple industries and countries.
  3. Enterprise-class security, data protection, and compliance: Airmeet follows the best practices around data security, data protection and infrastructure. This focus on data integrity, confidentiality and a zero-tolerance policy against any breach or violation was a very important deciding factor, that allows a customer to focus on hosting the event without worrying about privacy and security.
  4. Scale: Finally, Airmeet enables thousands of participants to attend parallelly, ensuring a seamless experience to host a global audience.

Challenge 2: Creating a value-packed, interactive Panel Discussion

Shahbaz explained, “Our event was expecting C-level executives, HR directors and HR heads of companies with 100 million dollars of revenue as speakers and participants. We needed to deliver value to them which would make the event worth their time.”


1. Versatile platform 

Airmeet is a highly versatile platform that allows you to host a broad spectrum of event formats, ranging from conferences, fairs, workshops, training, fireside chats to team meetings and networking events.

This versatility boosted Noveracion Global’s confidence in leveraging Airmeet for their event and hosting an engaging and interactive panel discussion.

To host a panel discussion, Airmeet supports multiple speakers in a single session. Every speaker was visible throughout the event and was  free to share thoughts, helping participants gather different viewpoints through the panel and find better solutions.

2. Superior engagement

The engagement features of Airmeet helped in making the event  an immersive experience where attendees could  “raise hands”, engage in spontaneous group chat, answer polls, screen their share and show their appreciation with the help of emojis. The audience got the chance to connect, network and converse with co-attendees and speakers through these features. On the other hand, the hosts got the opportunity to gauge audience sentiments, gather feedback and connect better.

Shahbaz shared the feedback of their speakers and said, “The experience for our speakers was just wonderful. Few speakers, who are internationally recognized, were already onboarded to the platform. They already had an experience of using Airmeet and were happy with our choice. Post-event, some speakers gave us a shout-out on their social media applauding our event.” Such testimonials from industry leaders go a long way in establishing your credibility as a host.

Shahbaz Khan - Noveracion

Challenge 3: Q&A and open networking

Hosting not just another panel discussion but also creating an opportunity to evangelize and connect with industry experts and international delegates in the HR domain was the idea behind the event.


One of the most critical event goals for an attendee is to network and make meaningful connections.

Airmeet’s ‘Social Lounge’ feature allowed the attendees to move from table to table and interact with one another via live feed. This super helpful feature enabled them to have conversations with people on the table that have similar interests/ goals.

The Global HR Roundtable 2021 hosted an open networking session via the Social lounge feature post-event to help attendees network better.

Additionally, the dedicated Q&A window was an excellent way for attendees to clarify their doubts and gather more insights from experts. Q&A allowed attendees to easily ask questions, upvote, and helped hosts sort these by popularity and manage answers. Setting aside time for Q&A at the end of the session gave the attendees a feeling of value and helped dive deeper into the subject.

Shahbaz explained how Airmeet features like Q&A and Social Lounge worked for them. He said, “That was a differentiating factor that allured us to use Airmeet over Zoom. Our attendees and speakers made most of it. The experience was cool. Speakers were jumping from one table to another. It was quite fun. The experience was close to a physical event.”

Way forward

Noveracion Global saw a lot of potential in using Airmeet for their future events and mentioned that they are yet to explore some platform features and hope to do so in the future. Features like aession recording, avent support lounge for tech support and event planning, training, tiered ticketing, sponsor booths and speed networking are something they look forward to in the coming events.

Shabaz said, “Our experience was wonderful, and we have no complaints. The product is amazing, and we can see the product evolving beautifully. In the future, we could plan physical events with virtual aspects and deliver more value to our attendees.”

Book a product demo today and check out how Airmeet can help event success for your organisation!

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