How to Host Virtual Internship Fairs Successfully Using Airmeet in 2022?

Aditi Biswas
• November 2, 2020
Host virtual internships fair on Airmeet and maximize networking.
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Virtual internships are useful as it is a stepping stone for those looking to get their foot in the door of an enterprise.

Organizations have been investing time, money, and energy into strengthening internship opportunities and programs over the years as they offer mutually beneficial options to both parties involved. Let us first understand the benefits of an internship for an organization:

  • Increased visibility for university students figuring out their career fields
  • Ability to assess the talent pool
  • Reduce the workload of employees and increase their productivity
  • Leadership and professional experience for employees
  • Give back to the community
  • Find future employees with technical skills
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2020 has been a year of big changes. People have learned to adapt to newer ways of working, but virtual recruitment often proved to be a challenge. Visiting colleges appears inefficient as the world moves towards remote environments and work. Companies should consider online internships to reach more students from different regions interested in a virtual internship experience.

Airmeet is the best way to host virtual internships. Though there are many platforms for hosting virtual and hybrid events, Airmeet stands out because it is compatible with most browsers and can be accessed from any device. The intuitive platform has networking features that help create powerful events and memorable experiences through attractive agenda options.

Read on to understand how you can set up remote internships with ease on Airmeet.

Hosting internship fairs on Airmeet

Setting up virtual events like a virtual internship or job fair is easy on Airmeet.
Setting up virtual events like a virtual internship or job fair is easy on Airmeet.

Quick set up of fair

Airmeet is a simple and easy-to-use platform that allows organizers to set up their events with just a few clicks. The interface has been designed in a customizable manner to accommodate the preferences of the person using this website for different purposes. 

More so, it also gives its users exclusive features like personalizing messages, importing ticketing services. These are integrated into your web page automatically, making them more informative and interactive than ever before.

Speaker zone

The Airmeet platform connects the world’s leading universities with innovative companies that offer various solutions for students and businesses. Through virtual fairs, university students can interact exclusively with representatives of any interesting organization. This can be done either by live video meetings or recordings. 

By hosting speaker sessions where company leaders discuss career goals and address student communities over the day, you’ll be able to share value-driven company insights. And while you are at it, you can also impart future careers and opportunities your business has to offer.

This way, students get to listen to senior company leaders and interact with them virtually. It will also be a big attraction for them to attend more virtual programs out of their comfort zone.

Easy branding with virtual exhibitor booths

The exhibitor booths in the “social lounge” will be the heart and soul of the entire internship fair. On the Airmeet platform, these virtual booths can be customized, and organizations can also display company logos and brand these booths. Featuring your company’s branding can help make a lasting impression and a viable option for potential interns.

Each booth (or table as termed here on Airmeet) in the fair can be managed by the various departments’ internship coordinators participating in the event. Students can visit individual booths, interact with personnel and understand the role and responsibilities of the position opening. 

Once a student has visited booths and shortlisted all their options, they can sign up with the respective department and enroll for the application process of interviews/discussions. Application requirements come after discussing all the terms and conditions provided by the internship supervisor.

Through this, you may also discuss how many hours per week they can render as they proceed with the virtual internship program. Actual credits may also be offered to entice them.


Airmeet’s goal is to make the process of finding online internship opportunities easier by providing all necessary information in one place. It offers a network of employers alongside their company profiles and reviews from other student interns regarding their virtual experience. 

With the Social Lounge, students can interact with both other participants and leaders from different departments. This networking opportunity is a chance for them to learn and develop relationships with key players in their chosen field.

The video-conferencing on each booth allows attendees to engage in meaningful conversations and create positive experiences. 

Chatbox and Q&A sessions

Airmeet has many interactive features to help students get the most out of their experience. One such feature is Q&A, which allows students to find answers and resolve concerns as they arise. 

Students can ask questions anonymously or upvote other people’s queries for greater visibility to receive quicker responses from peers with similar experiences.

The chatbox is also a great tool to get help, whether from an individual or the entire group. Chat boxes are always available when you need them and can provide instant responses to any question that may arise.

Polls and surveys

The feedback you get from polls and surveys will help your event become more successful. Polls are a fast way to collect the attendees’ opinions about their practical experience. The data collected from these tools are also handy for measuring how well an organization is doing as a whole. This information helps them improve their events in the future by analyzing what worked in the past ones.

Parallel interview sessions

As digital interviewing becomes the norm, students can apply for jobs anywhere without feeling restricted to a geographical location. These interviews are often more immersive and interactive as it is much easier with technology today. It opens up possibilities for employers recruiting in new areas they may not have been able to before.

Airmeet is an app that allows you to interview on the go. It streamlines the time-consuming task of interviewing students with a novel personal interview method. Conducting these interviews parallel to other events considers time management and improves efficiency for your organization in its placement process. 

Each table allows engagement through an individual interview, making it possible to quickly move candidates forward through various phases of candidacy screening. This is comparable to traditional internships requiring you as an interviewer or as a candidate to walk from one room or office space into another.

Additionally, there are some more advantages of using Airmeet:

  • Secure login. Airmeet is GDPR compliant and uses end-end encryption, which ensures that your communication is secure.
  • Live social stream. Talks by company leaders about senior management can be live-streamed on your social media platforms.
  • Single or multiple-day event. Organizations can choose between hosting a one-day event or hosting the event for multiple days for different colleges. This is good access for interns to have a valuable experience during the fair.
  • Greater reach. In one Airmeet event, organizations can reach up to thousands of students. Apart from reaching out to more students, organizations will also be saving time and improving ROI.

Conduct virtual internships with Airmeet

Use the different networking features available on Airmeet to conduct virtual internship fairs.
 Use the different networking features available on Airmeet to conduct virtual internship fairs.

As organizations are evolving their operational and marketing strategies, remote work is becoming the norm. This then creates a demand for digitally native niche communities. 

Some industries have taken notice and begun hiring remote interns with skill sets more relevant to these new circumstances. This includes companies who want an edge over competitors by upgrading offerings like providing international internship programs.

Airmeet is a platform that offers numerous features to its users. From hosting job fairs, resource fairs, community meet-ups, AI summits, and many more events. It provides ample support for organizations with setting up events to the next level. 

Armed with the experience of hosting multiple events, Airmeet is an ideal choice to host a virtual internship fair. So, if you are looking at recruiting top-notch interns and hosting an affair with a meaningful experience, see how Airmeet can help you. Book a demo today!

Frequently Asked Questions – Your Help-Meet

Are virtual internships worthwhile?

A lot of companies are pivoting towards remote internships to in-person internships mainly due to the recent covid protocols. Virtual internships host the same value and offer the same real-world experience. The only difference is that you need to have robust communication skills and adjust to the virtual office hours.

How do I become a virtual intern?

To become a virtual intern, you can start off by attending virtual fairs and build your professional network. These virtual events also come with breakout sessions that will help graduate students with virtual placements. In addition to that, these virtual fairs also include panel discussions which will help develop special skills needed for the internship.

What do you do in a virtual internship?

Be it virtual or real-life, internships help achieve professional goals. It also gives hands-on experience for the chosen career path. In a virtual setting, the same rules apply, just now, you work for remote teams instead. These virtual opportunities hold the same value in developing hard and soft skills as a normal internship would do.

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